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        The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
        Students' Activities  
        Alumnus Li Qi, former director general of Premier
        Zhou's Office, attending students' activity in
        memory of Premier Zhou's 100th birthday.

        Alumnus Zhang Wei, member of both
        the CAS and CAE, talking with students.

        Group photo of students and Jiang Sichang,
        member of the CAE

        Alumnus and philosopher Zhang Dainian
        meeting teachers and students.

        Students visiting Xi Bai Po Museum of Revolution

        Students of the Party School visiting the
        Museum in Memory of the Ping Jin Campaign

        Students visiting Xi Bai Po Musuem of Revolution

        Students of the Party School visiting the
        Musuem of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao
        in Tianjin

        Group photo taken for becoming full-grown
        after the Eighteenth Ceremony

        Expressing deep love towards China.
        Speech Contest in memory of the Dec. 9th
        Movement and the Return of Macau

        Five student Party members taking the
        oath on being admitted to the CPC

        Students talking with the
        gymnastic champion Liu Xuan

        Developing qualities required for being a scientist

        The Monh of Science being warm-heralded


        Students filled with righteous indignation
        toward NATO's outrage

        Fighter against pseudoscience Si Ma'nan delivering a
        report and being interviewed by student journalists

        Listening comprehension class

        Reading after class

        In exam

        Cultivating students' interests in
        domestic and international happenings

        Cleaning Beijing for its Olympic bid

        Greening campus

        Helping farmers when observing poor areas

        Military training in Shijiazhuang Ground Army College

        Singing in the barracks

        Contributing to the Asian Games

        Photo taken in the evening of HongKong's return

        Experiencing the fiftieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China

        Mountain Tai climbing,
        tradition intended for Senior Grade 1

        At the Nan Tian Gate

        Confucian Temple in Qubu

        Greeting the new cenury in the New Year's Party

        Wind band

        Singing on May 4th

        Immersion in music

        Singing contest

        Dancing group of Junior High

        Ballet in the New Year performance

        After clas physical exercise

        Relay in the sports meet

        Final sprint

        The march-in ceremony in the sports meet

        Champion of the second "Early Bird" Cup football match

        Continuing to hold the team title of Senior High in
        the Xuanwu District High School Students' Games

        Women basketball ranking one of
        the first three in Beijing

        New Year evening

        Reelection of the Students Union

        Popular school journals: Campus and Green Fir

        Members of school League Committee being conferred
        the title of "Red Flag League Committee in Beijing"

        Students obtaining various scholarships

        Five students being titled "Ten Outstanding High
        School Students" in Beijing or Xuanwu District.
        Pic (from left): Guan Hongtao(graduated in 1999),
        Li Jieqiong(2001), Jiang Nan (2001),
        Yang Shaopeng(2000),Zhang Peng(1997)

        Student's computer-made Cheering For Beijing 's Olympic Bids

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