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        The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University
        한국어  日本語版  中文        
        1.Recruiting information:
        Foreign students of middle school or high school, 12 years old(or above), with good qualities, healthy, with legal custodian and living in Beijing through legal procedures.
        2.Training modes:
        1) Language classes: Students mainly study the Chinese language, at the meantime, other classes are provided such as maths, English, history and geography, physics and chemistry, computers, PE , art and so on.
        2)Learning classes: Small size classes of about ten students. During the teaching , teachers will pay attention to the general outline of College Entrance Examination for Foreign Students.
        3)Inserting in classes: Those finish studying in the language classes will be given prior consideration.
        3.Ways of recruiting:
        1).Recruit students to insert in the classes of the Chinese students and through interview and written test (main subjects like maths and English )
        2).Recruit Language class students and learning class students through interview and checkup of the past grades.
        4. Fees:
        Charging Items Charging Criterions
        Entry fees 500 RMB
        Tuition fees(one term) 19250RMB for Language Classes, 23100 RMB for Normal Learning Classes, 26400 RMB for inserting classes.
        Boarding fee(one term) 11000 RMB
        Fees for textbooks about 300 RMB(one term)
        Fees for meals(one day) 3 RMB for breakfast, 9 RMB for lunch, 9RMB for dinner, Charge monthly.
        School uniforms 300RMB
        Insurancefees(oneyear) 600 RMB
        5.Materials needed:
        1) passport, copy of residing identification (original copy needed);
        2) Guardian’s Identity Card, Registered permanent residence book, employee’s card( or passport and residing identification);
        3) Grades report , conduct comments, school attendance and transferring certificate (or studying certificate) from former school;
        4) Guardian notarial deed attached with “Guardian Guarantee” made by the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University
        6.School address and contact information:
        Address: No.18 Nan Xin Hua Street , He Ping Men , Xuan Wu District, Beijing( 100 meters south of He Ping Men subway station , the nearest key school to a subway station )
        Zip code:100052?????Fax:86-10-63040392
        Tel:86-10-63040392???86-10-83193000-7163 (Korean) ?? 83193000-7176??83193000-7267 (Japanese)
        The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University
        Educational Exchange Center
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