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        The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University
        Tribute from Central Government  
        Members of the School League Committee interviewing Hu Jingtao,
        first secretary of the Central Committee of Chinese Young League in 1986
        On May 4th 2001, in the "May 4th Science Promotional Day-New Material and Oay Life"
        organized by the Central Committee of Chinese Young League,
        VicePresident of the PRC Hu Jintao talking with students of this school.
        Inscription by Central Government Leaders  
        Chairman Mao inscribing the school name

        Inscrption by Deng Xiaoping
        Inscription by President Jiang Zemin
        on the ninety-fifth anniversary
        Inscription by premier Wen Jiabao
        Inscription by then premier Li Peng on
        the celebration of ninetieth anniversary
        Inscription by Former Chairman of the
        CPPCC National Committee,Li Ruihuan
        on the celebration of 90th anniversary
        Inscrption by Vice premier Li Lanqing
        on the ninety-fifth anniversary
        copyrights (c) 1901 - 2010 The High School Affiliated To Beijing Normal University.All rights reserved. mailto: sdfzjlzx@sohu.com
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